The Mogul design is for large and heavy conductors. They serve as pulling fittings. Mogul Conduit Bodies make bends in the conduit system. Mogul Conduit Bodies provide openings for splicing and connect and change direction of conduit runs. Mogul Conduit Bodies allow connections for branch runs.

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Crouse Hinds
Crouse Hinds
LBD8800 LBD 3 Inch Hub Mogul Conduit Body w/ Cover And Gasket, Installed At 90 Degree...
Crouse Hinds
Crouse Hinds
LBD10900 4 Inch Hub LBD 90 Degree Mogul Outlet Body w/ Cover & Gasket, Taper Tapped...
Price: $692.44 EA
Price: $1,284.94 EA    
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