Staples are a piece of bent metal or wire pushed into something or clipped over it as a fastening in particular. Staples are a small wire in which both ends are driven through layers of thin and easily penetrable material and usually clinched to hold the layers together.

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Thiel 1100-PB5M
Thiel 1100-PB5M
NMC 1 x 1/2 Inch (LxW) Non-Insulated Staples For 14 & 12 AWG 2 Conductor Romex With...
Gardner PS-550
Gardner PS-550
1/2 Inch Plastic NM Romex Saddle Type Staples For 12/2 & 14/2 NM-B UF Non-Metallic...
Price: $17.02 m
Price: $47.77 m    
 13 - 14 of 14 Items
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