Safety Harnesses or Belts

A safety harness is a form of protective equipment that is designed to protect a person, animal, or object from injury or damage. The harness is an attachment between a stationary and a non-stationary object. It is usually fabricated from rope, cable or webbing and locking hardware.

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  3M Protecta 1385102 3 Foot Single Leg Web Lanyard w/ Snap Hooks At Each End, Web Positioning...    $44.09 ea  
  DBI Sala 3101215 6 Foot Nano-Lok SRL Self Retracting Lanyard w/ Anchor Hook, Single Leg,...    $209.02 ea  
  3M DBI Sala 1107977 L ExoFit Full Body Vest Style Harness w/ Back D-Ring, Loops For Body...    $376.32 ea  
  3M DBI Sala 1110600 Delta Full Body Vest Style Harness (Universal Size) Stand-Up Back D-Ring,...    $219.35 ea  
  3M Protecta 3100414 6 Foot (1.8 m) Rebel Twin-Leg Self Retracting Lifeline w/ 1 Inch Polyester...    $400.63 ea  
  3M DBI Sala 2104710 SM Sliding Beam Anchor, Beam Width 3.5 - 14 Inch, Flange Thickness...    $318.37 ea  
  3M Protecta 1161310 X-Large Black Construction Style Positioning Harness, Back & Side Fixed...    $116.13 ea  
  3M Protecta 1161309 Black Standard Construction Style Positioning Harness (Med/Lg) w/ Fixed...    $116.13 ea  
  3M Protecta 1161542 Med/Lg Black Standard Vest Style Harness w/ Fixed Back D-Ring, Pass Through...    $78.50 ea  
  3M Protecta 1161418 Med/Large Black Comfort Vest Style Harness w/ Fixed D-Ring, Back Padding,...    $102.69 ea  
  3M Protecta 1161419 X-Large Black Comfort Vest Style Harness w/ Fixed D-Ring, Back Padding,...    $102.69 ea  
  Guardian 00875 XL Little Bucket Of Safe-Tie w/ HUV Velocity Harness, 6 Foot Single Leg Lanyard...    $127.08 ea  
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