Wiring Duct

A Wiring Duct refers to a wire trough that easily allows for organization, pulling and separation of cables. It often features a sliding cover and “fingers” on the side that create slots for cables to be added, removed or rerouted along the length of the run. The slots feature rounded edges that protect wires and hands from cuts and abrasions.

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  Panduit G1X3WH6 White Type G Wide Slot Wiring Duct, PVC, 6 Foot Length, 1 x 3 Inch (WxH) Plastic,...    $7.76 ft  
  Panduit C1WH6 1 Inch White Duct Cover 6Ft (Price Per Foot)    $1.22 ft  
  Panduit C1.5WH6 White 1.5 Inch PVC Duct Cover Only, 6 Foot Length x 1.5 In Width, Non-Slip Liner...    $1.53 ft  
  Panduit G1.5X3WH6 White Type G Wide Slot Wiring Duct, 6 Foot Length, 1.50 x 3 Inch (WxH) Plastic (C1.5WH6...    $8.21 ea  
  Panduit G1.5X2WH6 PVC White Type G Wide Slot Wiring Duct 6 Foot Length Finger Design (C1.5WH6 Cover...    $6.60 ft  
  Panduit C2LG6 2 Inch Lt Gray Cover Per Foot (6 Foot Piece)    $1.89 ft  
  Panduit C.75WH6 White 3/4 Inch Duct Cover Only, 6 Foot (Price Per Foot) (F.75X1.5WH6 Base Sold Separately)...    $1.22 ea  
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