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Going Green in your home or office can begin with some very inexpensive and easy energy-saving steps. Through our experiences helping customers to be as effecient as possible, we have collected many tips we would like to pass along to you. Be sure to check back often as we will update these simple steps regularly.

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Utilize ceiling fans to distribute cool air

  • Set your fan to rotate counter-clockwise so that cool air is pushed up off the floor and distributed throughout a room.

Block the sun

  • Blinds and shades help block up to 80% of the heat gain in a room due to the sun. This simple step to cover your windows will result in drastic energy savings.

Make sure to turn off lights and appliances when you leave a room

  • This is the simplest and possible the most cost-effective means of conserving energy. Developing a habit of turning off lights and appliances including television, radios and computers helps conserve a lot of wasted energy. Products such as occupancy sensors for lights and electrical strips that cut power to appliances during inactivity can help in this effort.

Maximize you refrigerators energy usage by adjusting the temperature

  • Setting the thermostat on your refrigerator between 37 - 40 °F and your freezer between 0 - 5 °F will give you maximum energy efficiency. Adjusting the temperature down just 10 °F from these ranges increases energy usage by as much as 25%!

Dust your light bulbs and fixtures

  • By regularly dusting your light bulbs and fixtures with a dry cloth or feather duster, you can increase their efficiency by up to 100%. Be sure not to use liquids or liquid cleaner!

Utilize your clothes dryers advanced shut-off features

  • Use the humidity or temperature sensing shut-off control If your dryer is equipped with them. These feature uses less (Humidity uses 15% less and temperature uses 10% less) energy compared to the traditional timed shut-off.


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