Customer Part Number Help

How to use your Customer Part Number feature

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  About Customer Part Number:

This module is helpful if a company uses Sales Order Processing (SOP) and has customers that place repeat orders using their own item numbers.

With Account Login

User can create part number by clicking on Customer Part Number link in Part Description screen.

When clicked on the link Customer Part Number the below input box should display to enter the Part #

Navigate to the path My Account -> Customer Part Number to check for the added Part # 369

Note: Added 3 products with the Part # 369, then added the items to cart.

Verify Part Numbers:

Click on Checkout to reach the Order Summary page. Part # will be displayed for the selected products.

Sort by Part Number:

Products can be sorted based on the Part # in Reorder Pad. Navigate to My Account -> Reorder Pad and Sort By Part # as below.