Frost Electric Supplies Solar Power to St. Louis

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 Solar array at Maryland Heights, MO

Please join us in tracking our energy savings at our two location that have had solar panels installed below:  

 Our Headquarters in Maryland Heights-Solar Panel Energy Savings can be examined here.  It has  100 microinverters.  You will be able to determine how many kilowatt hours were produced on a given day.     


 Our Downtown St. Louis (Walnut)-Solar Panel Energy Savings will also show 100 microinverters on the array.  Please check out the savings realized since the installation.

Save the earth, save some money with Frost. For solar energy, there is only one place in St. Louis to get everything you need to equip your commercial or residential project. We carry a wide range of products and solutions, from solar panels, racking and mounts to micro and PV-inverters and optimizers plus everything in-between all from some of the most well respected vendors in the Industry.

There is no such thing as the “perfect” energy solution, but solar power comes as close to that ideal as possible. Aside from the initial upfront investment associated with the purchase and installation of solar power panels, solar energy affords many advantages, including: 

  •     Reduced utility costs- Depending on average energy consumption, most businesses save a minimum of $1,000 on annual electric bills
  •     Completely clean energy- Solar energy produces absolutely zero pollution by emitting nothing into the atmosphere that is not already present
  •     Minimal maintenance- Aside from cleaning the solar cells once a year, little is needed to maintain this type of energy. Plus, the cells typically last for long periods of time
  •     Infinite renewability- While there is a finite amount of oil remaining and a finite amount of output electricity can produce, the sun will always come out tomorrow


In an effort to verify the benefits to operating expenses, solar arrays have been installed at corporate headquarters in Maryland Heights, MO and at the Downtown St. Louis locations.  For businesses looking for ways to run more efficiently, solar energy systems offer a realistic way to reduce operating costs and lower energy consumption, all while reducing your carbon footprint and helping your community. Plus, when you upgrade to renewable solar energy, you'll recognize immediate savings today, while safeguarding against utility rate increases in the future.

The benefits of using solar power are immeasurable. Utilizing solar energy can reduce carbon emissions and generate up to 70% of your hot water for free while saving as much as $1000.00 annually on utility costs. The savings pay for most of the initial project, and the energy you use is all 100% free and natural.

By adding solar panels to businesses and residential homes, you will reduce demand for electricity from traditional, nonrenewable resources. That means you not only use clean, energy, you also you add surplus power back into the electrical grid for others to use, reducing the overall amount of energy produced from non-renewable resources.

Frost Supply not only offers solar power systems to lower costs and adhere to new standards and green initiatives, but we also help businesses operate in compliance with the latest energy regulations. We are staffed with highly trained, nationally-certified professionals who understand the latest efficiency standards. We are the industry leader in submeters, interval data recorders and automatic meter reading software, providing an easy way to monitor and record the impact of energy conservation efforts, with the ability to measure an entire building, individual tenants or areas, specific pieces of equipment or individual circuits.

When it comes to green solutions and solar energy, St. Louis and the bi-state area should look no further than Frost Supply. We carry everything you need to retrofit your structure with the latest technology and advancements in solar power equipment and components, plus the tools you need to get the job done right, from the beginning to the end of the process. Whether it's your home or office, we can help you not only go green, but save some green as well.


Please contact an account representative for more information regarding a solar request.