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  CoilPAKs  CoilPAKs Features
  • SIMpull® No LUBE® Wire Jacket
  • Package fully encases & helps protect wire
  • Packing comes in recycled plastic
  • Bult in handle & payoff
  • Stackable- up to 5 PAKs hight
  •  No more broken spools
  • Designed to help reduce potential lifting/handling/pulling injuries
  • Space saving, multi-wire CoilPAK? payoffs available
  • Increased productivity

 If you have ever been looking for a reason to ulitze the Southwire CoilPAK Payoff, we have a few customer testimonials that you need to check out!

Frost POWEReels

We asked field Electricians how to make wire pulls better, faster and safer; the Frost POWEReel was the answer.

  POWEReel Features POWEReel Benefits
  • Up to 4000 lbs of wire capacity
  • Bearing mounted shaft for smooth payout
  • Large casters for jobsite floor conditions
  • Base constructed for forklift use
  • Separate feeder and free spinning ground reels for easier payouts
  • Pass thru 36" doorways
  • Stow and Go handles for easy maneuverability
  • Labor Saver
  • No longer need jack stands
  • Mobility from pipe to pipe without breakdown or setup
  • Multiple pulls from one reel
  • Can pull from 360 deg in seconds
  • Can be pulled straight from truck
  POWEReel Wire Capacity Chart  



The SIMpull WireBARREL system is a revolutionary approach to pulling branch circuit wiring, resulting in safer, more productive installations that reduce waste and help lower overall job costs.

We can parallel multiple branch circuit conductors into a barrel package without having to bind or twist the conductors. This means a smaller footprint for safer more productive home run pulls.

  • Maxis BarrelTAP
  • Maxis BarrelTRUCK
  • SIMpull WireBARREL
  SIMpull WireBARREL Combinations & Capacities

Cut to Length Parallel Reels

southwirecoloredwire Eliminate the need to handle and dispose of multiple reels. We can parallel up to five conductors on a single reel. Less risk of injury to electricians from moving around multiple reels and less waste to dispose of after the pull is done.

Pre-Installed SIMpull Head Pulling Grips

southwirepullinggrips Safety, waste and reliability certainly come into play when making up pulling head in the field. At least 3 feet or more of cable, on every phase, is wasted, not to mention the time and clean up. Order your cables with factory installed SIMpull Head pulling grips that arrive pre-installed on the cable. Guaranteed NOT TO PULL OFF during installation. Reduced risk of injury and no wasted scrap to clean up. Just hook the SIMpull Head grip to your rope with a clevis and pull.

SIMpull Stack Reel

simpullstackreel Combine multiple pulls on one single reel. That's right, ONE REEL with multiple pulls of up to five phase conductors, for up to 4 pulls, depending on the size of the cable and length of the pull.

SIMpull Truck

southwiresimpulltruck The SIMpull Truck eliminates various forms of waste such as excess cost, time and labor, improving productivity making contractors more competitive. With the SIMpull Truck, you can expect increased savings on total installation costs, as well as decreased time required at each job site. The SIMpull Truck can carry four pay-offs. Contractors have the option of either pulling wire directly from the trailer or moving the entire pay-off to the desired location.
Supply Options - Linecard

NoLube Type THHN and XHHW-2 Cables

southwirenolube All Type THHN (in black and standard colors, both copper and aluminum) and XHHW cables (copper, black and colors) have Southwire's SIM Technology and come with Southwire's Product Performance Guarantee. SIMpull THHN and SIMpull XHHW-2 speed up installation time. SIM Technology, a patented manufacturing process that results in a cable that is pulled without the use of pulling lubricant's or soaps.

SIMpull Solutions Products and Services

southwiresimpullsolutions A revolutionary combination of products and services that change the way you install building wire. A job that used to be time-consuming, messy and and require a lengthy set up process is now safer, faster and cleaner. At Frost we can provide cut-to-length, color parallel reels with the option of multiple pulls on one reel, including factory installed SIMpull Head pulling grips or Maxis portable field installed pulling grips.


  • 350% better ground path than HCF Type AC cable
  • Single Mylar covering vs. individual paper wrapped conductors
  • Improves grounding performance and reliability
  • Increases productivity at every termination
  • Saves 30% at every receptacle, switch, box, light fixture, outlet, load center and panel
  • Also available with multi-neutral and multi conductors for home runs
  • Both HCF MCAP and MCAP are UL listed and NEC compliant

Maxis Tools

maxistools The tools you use to pull your wire are just as important to a no hassle installation as the wire. Maxis products have been uniquely designed to eliminate the extra steps and inefficiencies of other cable pulling products on the market today. Their light weight designs and easy assembly and disassembly make Maxis tools the safer, faster and easier option.

SIMpull Power Cables

simpullpowercables Available in copper and aluminum in size 5kV to 25kV and everything in between for use in Class I, Div II locations, Frost can fill all your medium voltage power cable needs. Medium Voltage cables can be used in aerial, direct burial, cable trays, conduit and underground duct installations as permitted by the NEC. Frost Electric ships only Southwire MV cables so you can choose an environmentally friendly insulation for your next job, just ask for EFC Envirotec medium voltage cables.

Tray Cable

southiretraycable Primary installations include cable trays, raceways and outdoor locations where supported by messenger wire. Type TC cables are also listed for direct burial and for use in Class I, Div II hazardous locations and Class I control circuits.

MEGA MC Cables

MEGAMCcable Mega MC cable is feeder size M cable product with conductors fully assembled inside the armor, reducing both the chance of conductor damage during installation and the total cost of installation. Factory tested prior to arriving at the job site, MEGA MC cable also reduces the installation steps, reduces waste, allows for unlimited 90-degree bends and is NEC compliant. Available in both copper and aluminum, MEGA MC cable is flexible, making installations easier in small spaces, with tight corners, multiple bends and curved structures.

Cord Cables

southwirecordcables Frost is proud to offer a full line of cord products. With access to over 175 years of combined experience from AIW, Tappan and Southwire, you now have a complete offering of portable cord, electronic and communication cables from one manufacturer, including Rubber & TPE Portable Cord, Sound & Security, Coaxial Cable, Specialty & Low Voltage Cord, Submersible Pump & Irrigation and Automotive wire.