St. Louis County- Headquarters

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Inside Sales & Support

Customer Service

          Ed Walker Jr.  314-743-0237 (Director of Customer Service)

   Electrical, Lighting & Distribution Gear 

          Dan Baybo  314-743-0206

          Keith Kreyling 314-743-0230

          Lyn Robison  314-743-0229

    Industrial Automation

         Tim Hommel  314-743-0236


          Linda Meglio Andres 314-743-0269



Project Quotation


    Distribution Gear

          Pat Ryan  314-743-0235

          Nick Gish  314-743-0204


          Sue Colburn  314-743-0251 (Assistant)

          Kevin Coughlin  314-743-0262

          Annette Lehnbeuter  314-743-0220


Sales Management

         Andy Garamella 314-743-0238   -Director of Sales

         Ed Walker Jr.  314-743-0237        -Director of Customer Service

         Joe Hurt 314-743-0265                   -Manager of Tools, Fastening & Safety

         John MacArthur  314-743-0232 -Government/VP

         Mike Arb  314-743-0203                 -Director of Business Development